Personal Literature

Placid Dream

There’s a place where I sip a cup of brewed coffee in the middle of breezing air. Remembering you who waited me there. Stood and smiled without hesitate to hold my hand. I told you a story of selfish soul who wants everything. That’s a powerful soul, stubborn, and never want to lose anything. And you fondled my head then hugged me, said that life naturally full of different soul, and we are not allowed to judge. Each soul has its own value and beauty, you said.

One day, I lay down on my bed, looking through the window beside me. Seeing the hidden woods nearby the fountain. And looking at the tree house, then I suddenly running and jump into the fallen golden leaves. Laugh. I kinda miss this feeling of freedom and it’s been long time I didn’t engage the wind who whispering me a story of truth and lie. Love.

You came right when I almost fall asleep, give me a little tickle. And you’re lying down beside me, let me lean on your chest. I treasure this moment like forever.

You’re my oasis ….

A night before, you wiped my tears. Mourning tears of our lovely one. Also for stories I told you over and over again. About an ambition of one or two or three or even more souls. Trapped in pool of dreams and difficult to see the difference between fantasy and reality. I cried because it’s kinda pain in the ass to be surrounded by souls like that. I am not a rich person and every negative thought I have. My esteem really decreased so bad.

You reached an accordion, and sang a Cheer Up song. Dancing like Uncle Gepetto. I laughed.

Cheer up!
‘Cause nothing really matters when you look up into outer space
It’s a great big world and there’s no need to cry

I died peacefully #Lol
Our room suddenly full of dinasour and rainbow. Clowns (funny clowns, not the terrible one like it IT movie), puppets, beautiful garden.

How can I even ask for more?


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