Personal Literature

Black Noise

The beat of the drums along with the tensity with the orchestra and heavy metal music possessed her. Her heart is pounding. She laughed so hard, inside her heart. And her eyes remain wistful without care about her surroundings. Unknowing soul who just ignored by the Goddess for her confession about her past. Screamed out… Continue reading Black Noise

Personal Literature

Venesia untuk Skandinavia

Hello kamu, Kamu yang bersikap begitu kekanakan dan memalsukan cinta yang katanya ujian. Kamu yang merasa bahwa sakitmu adalah yang paling menyakitkan. Dan lalu menyatakan berulang kali, yang pernah kau cinta adalah sosok yang tidak baik. Ah, what's wrong with romance? Sappy, soppy, long-hand love letters ...  Hey kamu, Percakapan kita yang tidak menyatu, dan… Continue reading Venesia untuk Skandinavia

Personal Literature

Aunt and Her World

Hello, there ... This auntie is never feel old. Still mesmerized by those good looking guys who can act in the movies, sing, playing guitar or piano or any musical instrument. This auntie is never old enough to watch Frozen movies in countless time. Or any underrated animation movies. Sing along with the musical movies,… Continue reading Aunt and Her World