Personal Literature

Aunt and Her World

Hello, there …

This auntie is never feel old.
Still mesmerized by those good looking guys who can act in the movies, sing, playing guitar or piano or any musical instrument.

This auntie is never old enough to watch Frozen movies in countless time. Or any underrated animation movies. Sing along with the musical movies, and also blushed to see romance scenes, mumbling the diaologues along with the movie’s character.

You may see her white hair, and she still doesn’t like the politics. Hates the horror and action movies. Prefers Inside Out instead of Get Out. Listened to many genres of music, yet still love Matt Monroe and Rachmaninoff.

This auntie is never wanting you to forget, that you both ever sing the Barbie songs together, or Mulan, or Dora the Explorer. You might forget those moment, but she still remember.

“Don’t grow up too fast, kiddoz!”

But what can we do to against the time that against you to stop it? Nothing.

Hello, you …

She’s always there full of love, for you who grew too fast already. That auntie is still there in her world. Shed tears for no reasons. And laugh for your smiles.


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