Personal Literature

Placid Dream

There's a place where I sip a cup of brewed coffee in the middle of breezing air. Remembering you who waited me there. Stood and smiled without hesitate to hold my hand. I told you a story of selfish soul who wants everything. That's a powerful soul, stubborn, and never want to lose anything. And… Continue reading Placid Dream

Personal Literature

Broken Dreamland

It's like the universe tried to speak to me Seems like it sends me messages through dreams and heart beat Those pain and worries suddenly now clear not to be cleared but to be revealed the reason why you know me better If I never sing this song he sang to me Bring him that has… Continue reading Broken Dreamland

Counseling, Personal Literature

Tears That Worth For

Human! Sometimes don't you feel that the more someone's growing, the more sensitive they will be ? I have no idea how people who has an over-empath-ability can resist with what they feel. Let say, once you have to face the bitterness of farewell, but also the joyous of togetherness at the same time. When… Continue reading Tears That Worth For