Counseling, Personal Literature

Human Feeling #1

Dearest me,

I know how plenty love we have in our life. I just realized that human’s hearts are fragile yet strong in their own way. We just need to have a sensible vision about every part in our life. 
Yes, we’re just a spec of dust within the galaxy. And, it’s our duty to know our life’s aim. We’re born with purpose. Make it worth-full or worthless, it depends on us. It’s our choice.

Yesterday, I can cry toward melancholic songs, bitter movies, and so on. But this time, finally I can enjoy those things with pleasant feeling. You’ve known about my thought of we’re getting crazy, literally crazy, because of our habits. But I assure us now that we’re totally healthy young woman.

Our close friend named Ima told us, we might identified with delusion, hallucination,  or even split personality. Well, we’ve identified it since we’re kid. We’ve through it as well. And based on psychology we learnt, people’s self-healing rate may be different one of each other. The weak one might take time longer. The strong one will gain positive resilience.

Allay the situation of our heart and inner peace. Promise ourselves that nothing can disturb our peace of mind. Pray for people goodness. Be more considerable to others, be more tolerant, have courage, and be kind.

 People always have their ups and downs. The great work they should do is to go right to heart of their issues. Realize their mood swing, confuse, or even depression and anxiety symptoms. There’s a great words from my counselor Brad,

“You are not your temporary thoughts or feelings. Many people mistakenly believe that they are their thoughts and feelings and so they bind with these thoughts and identify with them. They get stuck. If you are not your thoughts and feelings, then who are you? You are the OBSERVER of your own thoughts and feelings and those of others.”

See?! Alright my self, hang on together. We are not what we’re thinking of. We might at the valley level but it doesn’t mean we will be there forever. We have to climb up to the peak again. Use our effort to stand our ground. So do they who already on the peak. It doesn’t mean they will be there forever. They might get stumbled and suddenly they already at the valley of life. 

Row our boat of life gently down the stream. Life is about a dream. Goals we must pass to. Write down all your feeling. Sing all your song louder. Chin’s up. Let’s face the life. Seize the day. We might be down again, but rather than trying to stop thinking the bad thoughts, a better approach is to accept that your mind is going to worry and get stressed from time to time.

We are never be alone. There will be few close friends-the true ones. There always be God, and angels who always be with us. 

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?


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