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A Place Where I Am No More

April 19, 2022 Maybe in someone's world, I am worthy of a corner space in their heart. Maybe in some people's heart, my existence would be better. But, perhaps they prefer a place where I am no more. Maybe no matter how I try to fit in, I will never be able to fit in.… Continue reading A Place Where I Am No More

Personal Literature

Lika-Liku Dewasa

Pernahkan kalian merasa bahwa menjadi dewasa begitu sulit rasanya? Ketika masa sekolah, kita ingin lekas bebas, bekerja dan menghasilkan uang sendiri, ingin merasa bahwa ada guna dalam eksistensi hidup kita. Ingin membuktikan bahwa kita adalah manusia yang bisa berdiri sendiri dan merasa senang saat kita bisa menjadi sandaran dari orang terdekat. Tetapi, menjadi dewasa sulit… Continue reading Lika-Liku Dewasa

Personal Literature


the hatred you taught, betrayal you showed, insults you exemplified, those were attached too deep deep down of our hearts, which tattooed by insecure feeling of unworthy and unduly mistrustful ourselves where's the great outlook of life we dreamed? you seemed to deliberate it, seduced by content of intimidating but then this is the only… Continue reading Bittersweet

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Tears That Worth For

Human! Sometimes don't you feel that the more someone's growing, the more sensitive they will be ? I have no idea how people who has an over-empath-ability can resist with what they feel. Let say, once you have to face the bitterness of farewell, but also the joyous of togetherness at the same time. When… Continue reading Tears That Worth For

Personal Literature

Oh Bunny Oh My

Lalalala..... There's a little tiny miny bunny hummed cheerfully in the yard. A young lady comes with teardrops necklace. Her face so pale and her eyes seemed droopy. Another boy is coming. He wears moccasin. His face looked happy yet sorrow at the same time. Bunny still humming ... Nananana Bunny gives them mirror. Still… Continue reading Oh Bunny Oh My