Personal Literature

Happiness Within Strife

“Oh, look at this strong girl” said the man when he hold her hands.

“I am! That’s why I won the tug of war challenge” she told that with proud.

“No, darling. You won because the men behind you, especially the man in the back who kept the balance.”

“But, i’m strong too. I was in the first line tho”

“Physics theory said, the most powerful is the one who keep the balance in the back. Well, you may help, but just a little.” teased the man.

“Huummmm … but … ” she’s mumbled.

“Yes, my dear … ?” the man smiled.

“Fine lah!” she’s sullened!



And they lived in happily-strife-life-ever-after!  😛 haha
Perhaps in  Tug of War “The heavy person should go at the very back and the strong person can go wherever they want, it doesn’t matter”

And the strife still goes on 😀


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