Personal Literature

Khay’s Tale

Once upon a night, there’s a troll and little tiny miny fairy in bed’s edge. Both of them fight for a girl named Khay. The troll wants to harm Khay with fever, and also beat the fairy who always hinder him from Khay. The fairy blow the pixie dust to troll so he couldn’t find Khay. But then, the troll got sober by suzuran. The fairy once again blow some pixie dusts on him. Too bad! Instead to allay the situation, fairy’s dust got the suzuran’s poison blew to Khay. Now Khay has fever. And the dust got inhaled by Khay. Oh no!

So now fairy’s really sad. She’s trying to find something to beat the troll and help Khay gains her health.
Aha! The fairy has an idea!

“I will find the daffodils to beat the troll. Not vanquish him, but to give him rebirth. I have to go to the valley and ask the elders to help me.”

The troll is happy now because Khay got fever. Bad troll!
Meanwhile, the fairy flying to the valley. She wakes the elders and other fairies.

“The elders, I’m here to ask your help, and a permission to take the daffodils. I need to beat the troll who tries harm Khay, The girl that whosoever has assigned for me to guard.” say the fairy

The elders nodded.

Finally, the little tiny miny fairy clasping a bunch of daffodils and then all fairies gathered along with the elders. They pray salvation for Khay and a new life for the troll. And then they humming beautifully. They now heading to Khay’s bed. The troll’s got startled. The fairy hugs the troll from his behind. The elders blow pixie dusts which has blended with daffodil’s essence and all fairies chanting lustration melody.

Boofff! All seems sparkling and shimmery. Khay’s eyes nictitated. The troll suddenly change into nice troll like Arthur’s. Khay sees all the fairies and smiled happily. Her fever’s gone, so does the dust inside her lung.

Now the elders command the little tiny miny fairy and her new-bestie-rebirth-troll to guard Khay.

All of them now disperse and their chanting still and keep surrounding nearby Khay.


Long life, rebirth, into new beginnings


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