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A Place Where I Am No More

April 19, 2022 Maybe in someone's world, I am worthy of a corner space in their heart. Maybe in some people's heart, my existence would be better. But, perhaps they prefer a place where I am no more. Maybe no matter how I try to fit in, I will never be able to fit in.… Continue reading A Place Where I Am No More

Personal Literature

Invisible Heart

There, there .... A girl told me to walk across the oceanI refused ....Then she hold my hand and purses her lips into a beautiful smileLet's walk together then, she saidDon't be afraid, she continuedIt's not scary i think, she mumbled Ah, I know nowShe scared, yet she tried to persuade me with all… Continue reading Invisible Heart

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Nims Diary : Home

Hey, Hey, What do you say? Wanna make history start today? Being insider or outsider, he said, it depends on what our mind choose to be. We might be an insider but feel like an outsider because our mind, -we- choose to feel like an outsider. Meanwhile being at home, feel homey, can be in… Continue reading Nims Diary : Home

Personal Literature


Sun has been shy today Even though yesterday she told me to remembering her when the moon shines Yet today she's just fine No rain, no blaze Just fine She's also there, shines its shine Warm me who read the number six Rank of the hardworking bulls of fortune in the past three years Sip… Continue reading Sunning