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Dalina We Loved

Words flow from the waterfall It's all that matters to spot from the peak Tears burst amidst brawl Ambush the deep-corner of heart Your eyes spark the lion spirit along with those beatifull puppies Inherit the Leona's love creed the kind we miss Wipe it, shook it unnecessary spec of dust on you pursed your… Continue reading Dalina We Loved

Personal Literature


Am I a joke to you ? You said those sweet words over and over While I'm standing here uncover amid the rain that has falling down 'till it's already dawn Blurry my eyes hold me back to see the unknown secret of the heart or may be it's just your part of your art… Continue reading Adieu

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Nims Diary : Home

Hey, Hey, What do you say? Wanna make history start today? Being insider or outsider, he said, it depends on what our mind choose to be. We might be an insider but feel like an outsider because our mind, -we- choose to feel like an outsider. Meanwhile being at home, feel homey, can be in… Continue reading Nims Diary : Home

Personal Literature


Sun has been shy today Even though yesterday she told me to remembering her when the moon shines Yet today she's just fine No rain, no blaze Just fine She's also there, shines its shine Warm me who read the number six Rank of the hardworking bulls of fortune in the past three years Sip… Continue reading Sunning

Personal Literature

Broken Dreamland

It's like the universe tried to speak to me Seems like it sends me messages through dreams and heart beat Those pain and worries suddenly now clear not to be cleared but to be revealed the reason why you know me better If I never sing this song┬áhe sang to me Bring him that has… Continue reading Broken Dreamland

Personal Literature


Senjaku menari dalam lereng anteng Jingga mengintip centil dari bilik awan Sayup kudengar alunan tambourine dan gitar Diam-diam menarikku terhanyut dalam fantasi liar Dalam penat kutuliskan bait hidupku ini lindap menyemoohku yang tak berbakat ditertawai senja yang kian tenggelam dan biru mulai memudar kembali sendu Kota mulai tertutup bayang petang Aku terhenyak dalam diam bersama… Continue reading Indie