Personal Literature

Broken Dreamland

It's like the universe tried to speak to me Seems like it sends me messages through dreams and heart beat Those pain and worries suddenly now clear not to be cleared but to be revealed the reason why you know me better If I never sing this song he sang to me Bring him that has… Continue reading Broken Dreamland

Opinion, Personal Literature

New Year’s Thought

two days ago Dear Biru, I've seen blue in everywhere. Small thunder, indie music, and read Letters to July from one of my cutie friends. It's been a pleasure feeling doing this amid the haste day by day. I learned something, that someone can be gifted by the miracle of writing. They can vision the… Continue reading New Year’s Thought

Personal Literature

Once in a lifetime

It calls me ... over and over The joy of love, the feeling of longing, the look of your smile The moment I called Childhood Do you remember the night we spent together to see the comet? we saw the shooting stars too, we slept on the rooftop I think that was our "Once in a… Continue reading Once in a lifetime