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A Place Where I Am No More

April 19, 2022 Maybe in someone's world, I am worthy of a corner space in their heart. Maybe in some people's heart, my existence would be better. But, perhaps they prefer a place where I am no more. Maybe no matter how I try to fit in, I will never be able to fit in.… Continue reading A Place Where I Am No More

Personal Literature

Aunt and Her World

Hello, there ... This auntie is never feel old. Still mesmerized by those good looking guys who can act in the movies, sing, playing guitar or piano or any musical instrument. This auntie is never old enough to watch Frozen movies in countless time. Or any underrated animation movies. Sing along with the musical movies,… Continue reading Aunt and Her World

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Tidak, mataku tidak sakit. Ia hanya mengaburkan bayang pasti yang sudah kufokuskan berulang kali. Mengganggu apa yang aku anggap "indah". Aku sering bermain dengan mataku. Semacam mengejar ikan terbang, atau menanti bunga┬áchicory tumbuh dari telur ayam. Tanganku kerap kali menangkap bayang yang mataku munculkan secara mendadak. Bayang-bayang halus yang menembus jauh kedalam dasar penglihatanku. Ah,… Continue reading Floaters

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Sun has been shy today Even though yesterday she told me to remembering her when the moon shines Yet today she's just fine No rain, no blaze Just fine She's also there, shines its shine Warm me who read the number six Rank of the hardworking bulls of fortune in the past three years Sip… Continue reading Sunning

Personal Literature

Broken Dreamland

It's like the universe tried to speak to me Seems like it sends me messages through dreams and heart beat Those pain and worries suddenly now clear not to be cleared but to be revealed the reason why you know me better If I never sing this song┬áhe sang to me Bring him that has… Continue reading Broken Dreamland

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New Year’s Thought

two days ago Dear Biru, I've seen blue in everywhere. Small thunder, indie music, and read Letters to July from one of my cutie friends. It's been a pleasure feeling doing this amid the haste day by day. I learned something, that someone can be gifted by the miracle of writing. They can vision the… Continue reading New Year’s Thought