Personal Literature

Aunt and Her World

Hello, there ... This auntie is never feel old. Still mesmerized by those good looking guys who can act in the movies, sing, playing guitar or piano or any musical instrument. This auntie is never old enough to watch Frozen movies in countless time. Or any underrated animation movies. Sing along with the musical movies,… Continue reading Aunt and Her World

Personal Literature

Broken Dreamland

It's like the universe tried to speak to me Seems like it sends me messages through dreams and heart beat Those pain and worries suddenly now clear not to be cleared but to be revealed the reason why you know me better If I never sing this song┬áhe sang to me Bring him that has… Continue reading Broken Dreamland

Counseling, Personal Literature

Human Feeling #2

Dearest Me, Last time we're talked about we being an observer of our thought. I know we missed the way of someone love us without any doubt. I know we're now missing the song, the melodies, which bring us to the memory of our childhood, the one when dad still hug us. Love us because… Continue reading Human Feeling #2