Personal Literature

Black Noise

The beat of the drums along with the tensity with the orchestra and heavy metal music possessed her. Her heart is pounding. She laughed so hard, inside her heart. And her eyes remain wistful without care about her surroundings. Unknowing soul who just ignored by the Goddess for her confession about her past. Screamed out unsoundness of her mind. So many patterns, voices, thoughts, scars, unseen tears in her head. What’s wrong with life, she thought one day. Nocturnal creature who hardly sleep. She awake in her sleep. Her sleep is where she’s being forced to stay awake by her noise.


is what missing from her life.

She hardened her soft heart. She wanted to kill them all once upon a day of past memories. She thought of suicide two times in her life. Small amount, huh. Twice only. Poor soul, she trusted everyone after being betrayed, and she only focus on her life. She found that multitasking is far from her ability. She found the boisterous is legitimate of lonesomeness.


is what she wished to be exist to the extent that she can be forgotten

Words are the ultimate killing machine. How many soul trapped on words, depressed, fake the ‘i am fine’ so flawlessly? Can I rewrite one or two alternate ending and or the ongoing process for her? Is there any way I can make her to feel comfort of her self-focus?

Let her go, let her go please!

She has to be free. She must fly towards the clear blue sky. She needs to grab herself back. Otherwise, I’ll be die.


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