Personal Literature

Invisible Heart

There, there ….
A girl told me to walk across the ocean
I refused ….
Then she hold my hand and purses her lips into a beautiful smile
Let’s walk together then, she said
Don’t be afraid, she continued
It’s not scary i think, she mumbled

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Ah, I know now
She scared, yet she tried to persuade me with all her might
She wants to across the ocean
the land we’re stand tall now is burning
the fire looks so fierce

Let’s sing, i told her and strengthen my hold
She nodded
A requiem for a dream, what will you want to be, girl?
Ashes of love, she answered

It was there, we tried to across the ocean, but we afraid of death

but the unscrupulous fire begin to be our breath

I was there, hold her hands, right there, before the ashes are us

maybe it’s just me or her, it’s just us, just an invisible heart with its content – unused


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