Personal Literature

High Hopes #1

Feeling of love and longing …

The moment you saw your beloved mom, could be the best moment ever.

You may remain silent, but not to miss the show.

The world will keep spinning around, and you never know when it will stop.

When the story of you’re being stumbled starts, remember to still have a Faith of the good ends.

How hard it might be burden or painful, you, we are not deserve the sad ending. Have a Faith of the good ends.

Faith and belief that God won’t let us down in anyway.

Baby, I’m now sitting nearby the window. Imagine the day i believe will come soon or later.

Day when all the pain are washed away. All the sadness turn into pleasant moment.

Time when we forget the back pain, flu, and dizzy but happiness.

Just a thought in the middle of rainy night.

Hello there …

I hope you’re doing fine.


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