Personal Literature

End of Prose


Will an angel come to me …
Or I’m the one who can’t see them around
I need an angel to shed my tears and tell me the secret of afterlife
And bring me the fragrance of sanctuary


I think it’s just me
I know they always beside me
They know what i fell
i just need to tell them, i know they wont respond,
Because they know, that i know the answer
Because they know, i know the way to the sanctuary


Come to me oh angel from God
Show me what father told you to
Things they can’t read all about it
Only me,
secret only we know

Tamed my voices,
Flied soul towards new path
Like a fireworks,
and bursted light

What mother would think of me?
Or of father?
Don’t let these churning inside me
Bring me to where you are
Where angels see from the back of fallen stars,
Where there’s no reflection in the mirror
And shadows are beautiful to see


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