Personal Literature


Once upon a time, there’s a man with his adopted daughter. They lived in a shield of dream. Where no rules applied. Both liked to see shooting stars. The man always fondle his daughter’s head to make her sleep with smile in her face.

Both liked to talk about purpose of life. The man believed that his daughter is his chance. Last chance before someone comes and bring him away. A chance which he thought that he can repay the moment he wasted before. To love is to forgive, he decided to forgive himself.

And one day the brightest star falls, take him away from his daughter.

“you will find me” whispered the man to her daughter, then dim and fade into sparkle.

She blinked and sighs deeply. Try to grab herself back into reality. Where there’s no fondle and love to share anymore. Try to forgive herself.

I’ll find a way to where you are!


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