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Tears That Worth For

Human! Sometimes don’t you feel that the more someone’s growing, the more sensitive they will be ?

I have no idea how people who has an over-empath-ability can resist with what they feel. Let say, once you have to face the bitterness of farewell, but also the joyous of togetherness at the same time. When the weather is hot, but all of the sudden you have winter in your heart. And that winter is ‘another’ winter that hit you over and over.

I know that self is just an observer of its thoughts. But somehow I can bear it to put my self undertow of sadness. Just to fake smiles and laughs, but indeed i disclose my self for some moments.
After all we have been through the memories. I feel that, it’s alright to let your tears fall.

We may cry, and being so gloomy. But, remember to put your self’s back! Don’t take too long. Time won’t wait. We catch them up.

I feel about to cry, well, I feel it’s a precious tears when we cry for someone you really into your heart. Someone who valuing you, respect you, trust you, and never stop to believe of your worthiness.

Rustling of leaves seemed happen in your heart with little chills and bit of roomy feeling soars. I’ve told ya! That’s a feeling of tears that worth for.

And the story goes ….



November 10, 2017 – Jakarta


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