Personal Literature

The Days That’ll Never Come

There’s a little girl who lives inside the deep of forest.
She has a scar in her back.
Once an owl told her, that she was brought by a witch in the night when the moon is crescent.
That witch hided a wand inside that little girl’s back.

We called the little girl with ‘Sofia’

She’s lovable, well-concerned, thoughtful, but one she never realize,
the more she gets hurt, the more scar grows.

She likes to chanting a hymn. The forest seemed full of peace.
But her kindness has been betrayed.

Now,  she’s in love with death. While death fall in love with life.
The time just slated, the portal is open,

Just a bit longer, until the the witch come and reiterate the charms.

We called her Sofia, she’s now the heart of forest. It’s crescent now. An owl now could walk and hold the wand.

Time resets.


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