Personal Literature

Let You Go

Have you ever been lived your past to your present?
Unforgettable moments, unbearable tears, laughter, the dances, and running in the song
Time flies so fast before we could realize that we’ve already in new portal of life

Where are you going my superhero?
Who will fondle my head?
Who can I turn to?
Those feel so impossible without you

Birds were dying as well as my heart
How could I run if the legs I have were gone forever?
You lied …
The heart you left in aches is mine

I run to you,
chasing the bird which always lead me to you
way back home,
which I always looking for

How could you leave me torn apart,
sobbing wholeheartedly,
left me untie,
dwell upon burden I made

I am nothing without you, dad …

Now show me how I live my present?
Where’s the breath you’ve taken in the middle of my smile?
I think, those just following to you,
Ain’t nothing but still love you.


2 thoughts on “Let You Go”

    1. Thank you so much šŸ™‚ I hope we’ll have lots of happiness memories ahead … Letting people go isn’t easy right … But by making new happy moment may ease the pain we feel before

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