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Human Feeling #2

Dearest Me,

Last time we’re talked about we being an observer of our thought. I know we missed the way of someone love us without any doubt. I know we’re now missing the song, the melodies, which bring us to the memory of our childhood, the one when dad still hug us. Love us because we’re us.

He used to love with style. The song of Matt Monro, the way he loved the birds, the way he smiled and fondle our head. What I want to discuss now is … about feeling an urge to cry without any reason. In other words, it called an anxiety.

Rob Dial once in his video which has been shared by Jay Shetty asked us
“Are you addicted to over-thinking?”. This over-thinking is the biggest indicator of anxiety. Fears of future which make us not being in the present.

And from what I’d cite now from is all emotions play a role in your well-being. But when you start to feel like you need to cry for what feels like no reason, it may be a sign that you’re suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety and the over-thinking are similar cause of an urge to cry with no reason. The fear of future, the feeling of past, which make us missing the present moment. And it can be worse by those feeling combined to make you, us, depression. The level may vary tho. Brad once told me :

“It is quite true that you can learn how to regulate your emotions better. All people have negative thoughts. It’s basically how our brain functions and it can even be a good thing to a point. For instance it sometimes helps to worry a little about your future or to scan your environment for danger. That worry can help motivate you to plan for the future. Sometimes it helps to dwell in the past so that we might learn from past mistakes.”

I think that the awareness, joyousness, gratefulness are the points which can make our feeling better towards the positiveness instead of negativeness. Feeling an urge to cry with no reason seems like a sign of some feeling which missed from you, us. And also less of resilience, hopeless, loveless, a wanting of being true to your self and other people. Missing the freedom and lost in thought.

“Anxiety is an overwhelming condition – more than people realize. There are millions of people living with anxiety disorders that are able to handle themselves every day. These people often feel like, while their anxiety is affecting their life, it’s still under control……..This is the reason that you can feel very emotional even if you believe you are controlling your anxiety. Anxiety is powerful – so powerful that the stress of it is essentially providing your body with a non-stop barrage of attacks, and your body responds by worsening its emotions…..Anxiety may not cause permanent depression, but the stress on your brain and the feeling of constant fear and fatigue can often lead to temporary feelings of depression, and thus crying.” cited from Calm Clinic website

Well, actually everyone who sees this post might go through directly to Calm Clinic website for the details. But let me tell you what me and my self have dealt with this feeling. We’re cried. With no reason. We felt that we’re being put in undertow. We listened to melancholic songs, let say Matt Monro or any kind of song which will call all the memories we’ve been stuck on.  Just release those emotions, believe me, we’re going to be fine. After those emotions, what we need is to grab our ought to self’s back.

Life must go on.

Remember, somehow we need to embrace our mistakes, have courage to pull the better self of us. Allay our feeling. Somehow, someday, somewhere we’ll find a way of forgiving. If there’s nobody hold you, remember that Allah always will. This is the unique of religious psychology 🙂 A belief of God. Which will ease all the pain away.

Hang on ! Hope is on the way! Stay strong!

Because on moments like these, I wonder what become of human will be.

The heart! is always a center of all feelings. Being logical without losing sense of heart. That’s pretty awesome, rad!


With loves,


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