Personal Literature

Spoiled Old Beast The Bard

beast girl

Gloom never been this bitter
Looking through glasses, I see eyes who paused their tears
Tears of brokenhearted human
The spoiled beast alive in me

Spoiled Old Beast The Bard

This woman beast suffers to death
Her dead-bed awaiting her
Good she did blows like wind …. fade away
Evil she did lives …. linger – longer

She likes poems, she likes drowned in tears
she just that spoiled by life
by judgement
by her own mind

Spoiled Old Beast The Bard

O, Lady who hide inside the forest of words
Lost in thought
she lend her ears to people
she fixed people by breaking hers

Old beast Oh Old Beast
Wrapped in sins, turn tears to funeral of dreams
Spoiled human, just seal your self from the world
Abandonment you felt is an oath of suffer you spells

Tell them Spoiled Old Beast,
Story of glorious and victory
from smiles to tears
suffers to linger
the bard
to dead


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